Spray Foam Insulation

Coastal Heating & Cooling Specialists specializes in the installation of spray foam insulation systems in residential, commercial, and industrial applications for both new construction and retrofitting of existing structures. We have the most trained applicators and the latest equipment promising to do it right the first time anywhere anytime.


Maximum Energy Savings
Spray foam insulation completely eliminates air infiltration by expanding into every hole, crack and crevice. In addition, spray foam tightens the buildings envelope allowing for a cutback of HVAC equipment.

Adds Structural Support
Because spray foam insulation is dense and rigid it adds tremendous structural strength to a building. For roofs, our foam seals the soffit openings where winds can sometimes get in and lift a roof off the top of a house. Spray foam insulation does not shrink or settle after application and is permanently glued to the studs, sheeting or whatever else it is applied to. Walls become thicker and stronger when foam installed.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Spray Foam Insulation provides a sealed thermal envelope. When applied, the insulation conforms and fills each cavity and void. It contributes to the overall comfort and health of the occupants of a home because there are no loose fibers to move about. By reducing air infiltration, the insulation also reduces dust and harmful, household mold and mildew.

Restricts Moisture

Most damaging moisture within a building envelope cavity is the result of warm moist inside air being exchanged with the cold dry outside air within the walls. As the moisture in the air condenses, it forms dew within the insulation. Because foam insulation is an air seal, this moisture movement and condensation does not occur.

Reduces Sound Travel
A spray foam insulated home is a quieter home. This unique, soft foam spray insulation fills in gaps and holes creating an effective air-seal to help reduce airborne sound from invading your living space.

Spray Foam is “The Greenest!”

There is a rise in demand for sustainable building products to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. With renewable-based spray foam insulation, reduced energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels are the obvious long-term benefits that come from having a more energy-efficient home

Offering the best services in the area, since 1985.

Serving the residential, commercial, and industrial needs of this area, COASTAL HEATING & COOLING is considered to be one of New Hampshire’s best heating and cooling contracting firms. Along with years of successful experience, and many installations of high quality units which have served as best recommendation.

Located in Hampton Falls, NH and serving this entire region, phone 603-964-2232, Coastal Heating & Cooling provides expert service and maintenance as well as quality installation work on all sizes and types of heating and cooling units. The experienced staff here meticulously handle all aspects of every job. Whether you need an individual room system or an integrated unit to heat or cool your entire home, office, or industrial location.

Coastal Heating & Cooling is fully licensed and insured and provides 24 hour emergency services. Coastal Heating & Cooling also do conversion work, and provide very accurate estimates.

No matter what your individual needs,
Coastal Heating & Cooling will handle them with professionalism and save you a lot of money through the years. Whether you’re a businessperson who demands perfection in the products and service you need or a homeowner with a special project in mind, Coastal Heating & Cooling will always do a professional job for you!


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