As one of the leading providers of heating and cooling repair services, we, at Coastal Heating and Cooling Specialists, provide a wide variety of HVAC services and products for residential and commercial purposes. 

Serving Manchester, Hampton Falls, Hampton, York County, Maine (ME), and New Hampshire (NH), we provide HVAC repair and maintenance, AC repair, spray foam insulation, furnace repair among others. 

We are licensed and insured to protect our customers and ensure that we are delivering quality products and services. Moreover, all our expert technicians are certified and trained in doing heating and cooling services. 

Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

We, at Coastal Heating and Cooling Specialists, provide a wide range of heating services for residential and commercial use. Some of our heating services include:

✅Spray foam insulation
✅Furnace repair
✅Heating repair
✅Heating maintenance

We also provide a wide range of residential and commercial heating products such as furnaces, boilers, forced hot water, forced hot air heating systems, radiant heaters, hot water systems that use standard heating oil like propane and natural gas in Manchester, Hampton Falls, Hampton, York County, Maine (ME), and New Hampshire (NH).

For boilers installation, it is critical to have an expert in plumbing to ensure that your boilers will not leak. As an all-in-one heating repair experts, we have professionals who have complete plumbing skills for this type of job. We also offer residential and commercial plumbing services. 

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Products and Services

Installing an air conditioning unit to cool your home or office is not enough. There are other factors that you need to consider when installing an AC system. First, you need to improve your overall cooling effectiveness. As an expert in AC installation and AC repair, we have professionals that can help you with this. Improving the overall cooling effectiveness of your home or office is necessary to help you lower your energy usage. Our experts can help you analyze the use of high “R-value” insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, as well as proper shading use to help any residential or business property optimally cool. 

Aside from this, we also offer a wide range of HVAC services like:

✅ AC repair
✅ AC installation
✅ AC maintenance
✅ Refrigeration
✅ Refrigeration services

Benefits of having an effective HVAC system

Having an effectively working HVAC system provides efficient energy usage. Meaning, you get to paid lower electricity costs. On the other hand, if your heating and cooling system has issues, it tends to work double that requires double energy. So if you want to save more on your electricity, you need proper maintenance or immediate repair on your system.

An effective HVAC system also reduces “carbon footprint” that is dangerous to the environment. Moreover, if a property has a good HVAC system, it increases its property value. 

Installing a powerful foam insulator such as the spray foam insulation also provides significant savings on energy consumption. Spray foam insulation is the best option as it thoroughly seals any holes and cracks on your home or office. Air leaks are the number one cause of high energy bills. With Spray foam insulation, a powerful airtight seal is created to prevent these leaks. 

These are just some of the benefits of having a well-maintained and effective HVAC system. If you need spray foam insulation, furnace repair, heating repair and maintenance, AC repair or installation, give us a call at 603-964-2232. 

We have 24-hour emergency service in all areas of Manchester, Hampton Falls, Hampton, York County, Maine (ME), and New Hampshire (NH).

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Offering the best services in the area, since 1985.

Serving the residential, commercial, and industrial needs of this area, COASTAL HEATING & COOLING is considered to be one of New Hampshire’s best heating and cooling contracting firms. Along with years of successful experience, and many installations of high quality units which have served as best recommendation.

Located in Hampton Falls, NH and serving this entire region, phone 603-964-2232, Coastal Heating & Cooling provides expert service and maintenance as well as quality installation work on all sizes and types of heating and cooling units. The experienced staff here meticulously handle all aspects of every job. Whether you need an individual room system or an integrated unit to heat or cool your entire home, office, or industrial location.

Coastal Heating & Cooling is fully licensed and insured and provides 24 hour emergency services. Coastal Heating & Cooling also do conversion work, and provide very accurate estimates.

No matter what your individual needs,
Coastal Heating & Cooling will handle them with professionalism and save you a lot of money through the years. Whether you’re a businessperson who demands perfection in the products and service you need or a homeowner with a special project in mind, Coastal Heating & Cooling will always do a professional job for you!


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